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Why don’t I want to lose weight?

July 16th, 2012 by Andy

48/30 Jeans writes in from THE INTERNET:

Yah, I’m fat, and while its causing me a variety of social and medical maladies, I can’t get over my stress/boredom eating patterns to do anything about it. Plus, food is tasty. My question is: why does my over-eating so easily defeat my many motivations to not be fat?

This website was never intended — nor do I intend it to be now — any sort of a weight-loss advocate: It’s just some fat guys giving out advice. I was never that depressed about being fat; it was just a choice I made. It was inarguably a bad one, but it was more fun to drink and eat too much than to not, so whatever. That being said, it’s no secret that I’ve recently lost a bunch of weight (I’m half-way to my goal of not being a Fat Guy any longer) and it’s hardly a shock that my body and GI tract both feel quite a bit better after taking off 45 pounds.

The problem with your question, 48/30 is that I have no idea why you’re fat right now, so I have no idea how to tell you to fix it. But I can make a guess: You’re probably a little depressed and not very good at interacting with people, so it’s easier to drink a six pack and eat a burger than it is to go be social. At least, for me that was a lot of it. My main motivation for losing weight was the oldest in the world: I’m getting hitched and I didn’t want to look back at my wedding photos and think, “What a fat fuck I was.” Or even worse: “What a fat fuck I still am.” I’m not saying there’s anything inherently wrong with being fat (or being whatever, to a large degree). You are who you are, and if you choose to be and are happy being fat then keep on keeping on. But for myself, I was no longer happy and I could see that, in the future, I would be unhappy looking back and knowing that I acknowledged that there was — for me — a problem and chose to do nothing about it.

As to finding your motivation… you’re going to have to find your own motivation. Sorry. If none of the reasons that you already know (health, appearance, romance, stamina, walking up stairs, looking down and seeing your penis, buying clothes from the regular section and having them fit, knowing that you can go buy a vintage avocado green sportcoat from Goodwill that will actually fit, living longer, fitting in airplane seats, fitting in Asian cars, not feeling like a slob eating a burger at a restaurant) do it for you, having me reiterate them won’t do it for you either. But I did, and you’re welcome. As to why that is, it’s because it’s easier to do nothing than it is to do something. For myself, I was shocked at how easy it really was to just count my calories and stay under a reasonable limit*. So there’s that. And food is tasty (christ I love eating), and I don’t want you to think that I starve myself. I eat cheeseburgers and fries, and steaks and potatoes, and cheese and bacon, and all that stuff. I just don’t eat a cheeseburger every day. I don’t eat bacon every day. I eat a reasonable amount of food and I try to eat less meat, less fat, and more fruits and vegetables. For the most part, it’s just commons sense stuff: Fewer calories and less fat makes you less fat.

If you want to know my real secret, I got a calorie counting app on my Android that helps me to keep track of what I’ve eaten. It’s from a website called Fat Secret and the app is called Calorie Counter. No links, because they’re not paying me. But it’s easily Googled.

Anyhow, sorry that this isn’t a solid answer. But if you can’t find the motivation in yourself, then nobody else is going to find it for you. Good luck on whichever path you choose!

* What worked for me may not work for you, whomever “you” happens to be. Consult a doctor before starting on any exercise or weight loss regime. I’m not a doctor. I don’t know what I’m talking about. But I did lose 45 pounds by eating fewer calories. That’s all.

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